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ICYMI: Adam Morgan Voted to JAIL Victims of Rape and Incest 

Greenville, S.C. - At the Greenville County Republican Women’s forum, Republican Congressional candidate and current State Rep. Adam Morgan lied about a vote he took on August 30, 2022 to jail victims of rape, sexual assault, and incest, for up to two years, if they end their pregnancy. (House Vote 2795, Amendment No. 13 to H. 5399 authored by Josiah Magnuson)

Morgan’s vote to punish women is not supported by conservative pro-life groups including South Carolina Citizens for Life. The vote failed 91 to 9 as Adam Morgan and eight others supported jailing women.

National Right to Life last week endorsed Congressman William Timmons, and Timmons said, “Adam Morgan harmed the pro-life movement by voting to jail victims of rape or incest. As a former prosecutor, I put perpetrators in jail, and I am disgusted by Adam’s desire to punish victims instead. Now he’s lying about the vote. None of this is conservative and actually causes great harm to the pro-life movement. 

“Every life is sacred. I am proud to receive the endorsement of National Right to Life for my steadfast commitment to standing up for unborn children and fighting against attempts by Congressional Democrats to pass legislation allowing unlimited abortion nationwide for any reason until birth,” concluded Congressman Timmons.

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